The 3 Most Important Things for New Parents to Know

My mentor Janet Lansbury says the most important thing for a new parent to know is:

  1. “Pay real attention to your babies when you are feeding, diapering and bathing them. Don’t be on the phone while you’re nursing.
  2. Talk to babies about what you are doing together. Include them.
  3. Then, when they are peacefully looking off at a corner of the room, don’t interrupt. Those periods when a baby is involved in thought will stretch longer and longer and will be the beginning of the independent playtime you will want to cultivate.

She says, “Set up a safe area for the baby’s uninterrupted play time. That play time will become your ‘break’ time, while your child explores his environment, creates, and learns. A simple, safe environment is a stimulating enough place for a baby, so don’t waste your energy entertaining. And, especially, don’t get a baby hooked on TV.”

We share a belief in free movement!

About katepflynn

International Montessori teacher (birth to 12 years), RIE Foundations Course graduate, and Infant Development Specialist teaching Bradley Childbirth, Parent-Infant (pre-walkers), Parent-Child (walkers) and Toddlers.
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