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If You Want a Physically Self-Assured Child, You Must Do This

Whenever people ask me what I “teach” in my parent-infant classes I always say, “I hope to teach parents to leave their babies alone.” I say it in a joking way but the truth is that free and natural gross … Continue reading

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Sitting Independently – No Propping!

Free and natural gross motor development is what I’m all about!

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A Childhood Without Toys??!!

My children had toys. They even had plastic toys that made noise (all gifts). But I will say that our children have not had many screen toys. They’ve never had any hand-held devices, portable dvd’s, Wii, xbox and I don’t … Continue reading

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The 1 Big Key to Your Child’s Best Self

I talk a lot about free movement but how would you like to see it in action?  

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What a Four Year Old Needs to Know

One of the hardest things for me to do in my work with parents is to convince them that their children have everything within them to become just who they’re meant to be. I have parents who constantly talk to, … Continue reading

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Feeding Babies the French Way

After I lived in Paris for a time in the 1980’s, I came home and insisted my family eat the four course meal in the French style. I visited again with my family in 2009 and of course came home … Continue reading

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9 Parenting Words to Live By

I pretty much re-post everything this woman writes but this is GREAT. The perfect 9 words to live by for parents.Respect, Trust, Acknowledge, Less, Observe, Wait, Slowly, Regard, Boundaries.

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