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Two Words to Perfect Parenting

Did you know purposeful movement builds brain cells and neuron synapses? Each time the brain makes the body work, your baby has built a fatty pathway in his brain which he can then use for other things. Imagine that! When … Continue reading

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How to Simplify Baby Sleep

This seems overly complicated to me and I prefer referencing Dr. Weissbluth and 12 Hours by 12 Weeks but some people swear by the BabyCenter Sleep Forum. See what you think! I really think if you are trying to: sleep … Continue reading

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How to Let Your Baby Sleep Like a Boss!

Be careful of “sleep aids” whereby a baby comes to associate something with going to sleep (feeding, rocking, pacifier, a warm body, a beating heart, driving, white noise, etc.) If they become conditioned to falling asleep with these aids, they … Continue reading

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