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The English Have IT!!

I have written about the English Style Pram and include it in my Newborn Layette. The reason I love it can be found in my post about Containers & Vantage Point. It allows a baby to be prone while sleeping, … Continue reading

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Do You See What I See?

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is not leaving children alone to develop naturally.  We prop them, carry them, support them and try to hurry them along to the next stage of development when, ideally, all movement should begin … Continue reading

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Six Ways Montessori & RIE Agree; Two Ways They Differ

My experience with children dates back to the 1960s and, growing up in my neighborhood, most people did things the same way. There was a general wisdom that seemed to permeate where all children slept from 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 … Continue reading

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See it Yourself: Free Movement in Action

These are two videos I always come back to in order to show parents what results when you give children free movement, agency, and a chance to build a strong body/mind connection.

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One Word to Winning Parenting

A few weeks ago there were 9 of us in a Peruvian restaurant. A two-year-old had an ear-splitting tantrum and his parents walked him out and back into the restaurant 3 times. I happened to be speaking to someone about … Continue reading

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2 Words to Perfect Parenting (Revisited)

In my post about free movement I talked about how integral free movement is to both the RIE and Montessori philosophies. Here on Magda Gerber’s site they say, “Don’t worry and don’t teach. Free play is inner-directed and self-initiated!!” These two … Continue reading

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If You Want a Physically Self-Assured Child, You Must Do This

Whenever people ask me what I “teach” in my parent-infant classes I always say, “I hope to teach parents to leave their babies alone.” I say it in a joking way but the truth is that free and natural gross … Continue reading

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