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Crying is Language & Babies Deserve Freedom of Expression Too

When a child cries and we try to distract him or, even worse, “plug” him with a pacifier, bottle or breast, we are telling him “Don’t feel uncomfortable. Your real feelings will not be acknowledged but will be suppressed or … Continue reading

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10 Places for Parents to Shop

American Lie-Down Car Seat European Car Seat for Laying Baby Flat English Style Pram Buggy Wool Diaper Covers Michael Olaf – Montessori materials & Philosophy Giant Construction Kits (for Open Cubes) Plan Toys Viking Toys International Playthings Rhino Toys

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What’s Good for Me is Good for You, No?

In the old days, before children, I used to love taking classes at the Newberry Library in Chicago (okay let’s face it, there aren’t many places I don’t like taking classes at). There is one class there I will never … Continue reading

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How to Turn Passive Parenting into Respectful Discipline

A great article from blogger Janet Lansbury which can be found here: There are two extreme approaches to discipline that do not serve a toddler’s needs. One is overly strict, punitive and non-empathetic. It involves maintaining control of the … Continue reading

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Two Words to Perfect Parenting

Did you know purposeful movement builds brain cells and neuron synapses? Each time the brain makes the body work, your baby has built a fatty pathway in his brain which he can then use for other things. Imagine that! When … Continue reading

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How to Simplify Baby Sleep

This seems overly complicated to me and I prefer referencing Dr. Weissbluth and 12 Hours by 12 Weeks but some people swear by the BabyCenter Sleep Forum. See what you think! I really think if you are trying to: sleep … Continue reading

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How to Let Your Baby Sleep Like a Boss!

Be careful of “sleep aids” whereby a baby comes to associate something with going to sleep (feeding, rocking, pacifier, a warm body, a beating heart, driving, white noise, etc.) If they become conditioned to falling asleep with these aids, they … Continue reading

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Put Some Bang in Your Bagwa!

A friend of mine is getting trained in Feng Shui and will be working on my house as part of her credentialing. I am sooo excited as this is something I’ve always wanted to do. In case you aren’t familiar … Continue reading

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One Person Every Parent Should Know!!!

I have always had a hard time writing here with the consistency I would prefer, with my other commitments. I am doing and thinking and talking about Montessori and RIE every single day yet rarely get it down in print … Continue reading

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“Dead Parents?”

I just came across something fun. Recently, in an online group, someone was asking about television for children. In my Montessori training, we learned that children under six should not have screens, so my husband and I decided to abide … Continue reading

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