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I’ve invited a guest author to, perhaps, help me increase the post frequency here a bit. She’s new Mom Celeste Faulman and she had baby Luca in August and has been providing respectful care with free movement ever since! Here is Luca on his floor bed with lots of freedom to develop the most important relationship he’ll ever have – that with his hand!


Celeste has spoken to a few of my childbirth classes as she had a picture perfect childbirth and she has also shared what was successful in her newborn care and what she might have done differently with regards to sleep, etc. Good stuff!! I’d much rather this information come from someone currently doing it as it remains fresh and vibrant that way! So I’ve asked Celeste to just throw up videos and pictures of Luca doing his thing! This is the real thing guys!


About katepflynn

International Montessori teacher (birth to 12 years), RIE Foundations Course graduate, and Infant Development Specialist teaching Bradley Childbirth, Parent-Infant (pre-walkers), Parent-Child (walkers) and Toddlers.
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