Warning: Merck and the CDC are REAL Close

Thank You For Not Vaccinating

Merck makes 14 of the 17 vaccines recommended by the CDC. The former head of the CDC Julie Gerberding is now a highly paid executive at Merck Vaccines but had first MANDATED many of those vaccines in the four years prior to this current lucrative job. Just as Wall Street isn’t going to help us figure out what brought our economy to its knees, the CDC is never going to research why 1 in 88 children have autism – a condition unheard of 100 years ago. Profit motives rob people of their ethics!


About katepflynn

International Montessori teacher (birth to 12 years), RIE Foundations Course graduate, and Infant Development Specialist teaching Bradley Childbirth, Parent-Infant (pre-walkers), Parent-Child (walkers) and Toddlers.
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